Charlotte Russe is a fast growing fashion provider dealing in top and voguish clothing line targeting customers who embrace the elegance of trendsetting fashion lifestyles. It is an online store that caters for the needs of young women popularly referred to as “Charlotte Girls”.

Some of the fashion products offered include shoes, clothes,jeans, dresses, tops, swimsuits, bottoms, intimates, jewelry, sunglasses, hats, belts and fragrances. All these products can be bought at Charlotte Russe stores which are more than 500 and spread across Puerto Rico and United States. They are also available at the company’s website, where you can place your order. Charlotte Russe also offers promo code and deals for their customers to make the products even more affordable.

About Charlotte Russe

Charlotte Russe, founded by a French lady began its operation through the first store opened in 1975 at Carlsbad, California. In fact, the brand name was derived from the name of its founder. Young women who care about their fabulous look have been benefitting from the products ranging from high quality fashion clothes to accessories.

The business has widely spread like the aroma of fresh flowers, with its stores hitting 500 in number across US and Puerto Rico. A very strong and firm customer base has been built in Canada and Guam as well as the nearby islands, courtesy of Charlotte Russe’s online selling platform and efficient shipping.

Wide variety of apparel is displayed in the store. These include leather jackets, mesh cardigans, neon leggings and even strapless jumpsuits. The company has a mission of serving “Charlotte Girls” with splendid fashion for every mood and occasion of their lives and this is evident if you just have a one visit to either of its stores.

How To Save More At The Store

Charlotte Russe is recognized among companies that offer discounts and promotions. Its products are disposed at 24% discount while customers benefit from the 24 hour operations. Additionally, one gets a 10% deduction after placing a purchase order. It is simple to place this order since the option to place an order can be accessed from your cellphone or an email address. Upon successful purchase you will be informed about attractive future sales that can be bargained. The Charlotte Russe coupon codes are also available to offer discounts when purchasing a product even from the online sale.

How To Use The Charlotte Russe Promo Codes

Promo codes offered by Charlotte Russe are really attractive. In addition to actual discounts ranging from 10 to 40 percent depending on the product’s cost, an order above $ 50 comes with a $ 10 discount. Free shipping is another promotional offer. Using these promo codes is thus an amazing opportunity where you can save extra cash when buying through this retailer.

Charlotte Russe Shopping Tips

  • Free shipping is offered for over $ 65 purchase, though the minimum purchase limit sometimes comes to $ 30.
  • Special offers are given at particular times of the day.
  • A product can be exchanged at any of the Charlotte Russe store.
  • A one-day discount code is posted once per week.
  • Buy one get an excessive deal can be obtained for your second one offer in every 1-3 weeks.