Good-looking Converse shoes have a well-deserved reputation of fitting well, being long-lasting, and also of staying in style for years. The pair you buy now will still be fashionable in five years. Also known as ‘Chucks’ after Chuck Taylor, these shoes are famous in sports for being an often-chosen brand by many sports stars. The large star logo emblazoned on the shoes brag of the quality instilled in each pair.

A basic pair of Converse shoes is an upper made of super-breathable canvas, with a rubber sole designed for ultimate traction. The basic shoe is the high-top, but there are also low-tops, which are cut to expose the ankle. Double canvas shoes are also popular among teens and young adults. Many young parents buy their children, including newborns, Converse shoes. This helps them in dressing their children to look like mini-me’s. Some might believe this to be doting, or even wasteful spending, without any benefits except to the parents’ egos, but psychologists agree that this can lead to deeper bonding between parents and children.

Converse shoes can be a bit more expensive than other shoes. This is because of their high popularity and also their high levels of quality. One way that many fans of these ultra-famous shoes use to bring down the price is to use a Converse promo code when purchasing them. These coupon codes are often good for other items, such as jackets, sweats, and winter gear that Converse also makes. All of their clothing items are extremely high quality.

Converse has been in business for over a century and knows how to treat their customers right. Their customer service agents aren’t just available when you call the company to order their products or when you need to make exchanges, but they are also available in many places where you’ll find forums about their products.

The History of Converse

Opening its doors in 1908 in Malden, Massachusetts, Marquis Mills converse began making rain boots and other wet weather gear. Less than ten years later, in 1917, Chuck Taylor began working as the company’s spokesman and number one salesman. Taylor was a famous basketball star and this is where Converse shoes got the nickname ‘Chucks.’

Taylor traveled all over the United States, showing off the new shoes that had been designed specifically under his supervision for use during basketball games. The change from making galoshes to sneakers for basketball was a boon for the company. This success carried the company through until the late 1970s, when its economic stability started to falter a bit.

Converse eventually declared bankruptcy and part of its debt relief was being purchased by Nike and subsequently being restructured. Converse shoes are still extremely high quality.

There are Many Different Converse Products

Converse sells many different products for the entire family. The prices for some are very affordable, and other items cost a bit more, but they are all well-worth the price. If you’re looking to save some money, though, using Converse coupon codes can go a long way to help cut costs. Some are direct discounts and others can help with the cost of shipping costs and handling fees. These coupon codes for Converse shoes and other products are often shared or given out on different forums, so be sure to look for them before finalizing your purchases online.

Babies Through Teens
Many babies have Converse as their first set of shoes. The canvas is soft, breathable, and stylish. For children and teens, there are skateboarding shoes in addition to the low-tops and high-tops that the brand is so well-known for. Casual shoes from Converse are also available for children and teens, and some look similar to classic boat shoes.

Converse for Ladies
Women enjoy sports and fitness and often need a shoe that can withstand the sport or activity they are going to engage in, but also want something that is stylish. Converse shoes offers both to the ladies. Converse sells ladies shoes in a variety of colors. One is sure to become your next favorite pair of shoes. These are comfortable enough to lounge in, power walk that extra mile with friends, or help you last an extra hour playing at the park with the kids.

Men’s Converse Shoes
Men also have a very active lifestyle these days, including juggling work, home life, time with friends, and other activities that range from sports indoors to outdoor fun. With all these different activities, it only makes sense to have a pair or two that you can wear from the gym to your friend’s house and back home again, and all while being lightweight so they aren’t too much of a hassle while you are wearing your work shoes. Canvas shoes are easily cleaned and are least likely to develop a smell from being worn between washings, making them perfect for being stored in your bag while you’re at work.

There are several different styles men can choose from, including the casual shoes, the low-tops, high-tops, and the double canvas shoes. Basketball shoes are often Converse, and help anyone’s game with the ease of movement allowed while still maintaining excellent traction.

Design Your Own Custom Converses
It’s now possible to design your own specific pair of Converses. You can choose the style, and the color, as well as the pattern. After payment is received, your shoes will arrive in the mail in less than a month! You could have a pair of converses that nobody else will have, or you and your friends could each buy a pair that is identical and set yourselves off from the competition even more.

Converse shoes are classics and are made to last for years. Care is minimal, usually a stiff brush will suffice in cleaning them up after getting muddy. Just let dry and brush off. Only lighter colors need to be washed as soon as possible to keep stains from setting in to the canvas. Podiatrists and pediatricians recommend that children and toddlers wear either fabric or leather shoes to help promote natural foot development instead of synthetic materials, making these shoes perfect for vegan families as well as those who are searching for a cruelty-free shoe that still is excellent for your own family’s health.