Nike is the world leading producers of athletic wear. Over the years, the company has been the leading manufacturers of different athletic products such footwear, accessories and apparels. The highest quality materials they use in the production set them apart from other designs and wear on the market. It is not surprising that star professionals like Tiger Woods, and Michael Jordan endorsed their brand.

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You can enjoy the best from the company when you shop at their online stores. Nike has a plan for everybody, because they have this notion that every potential customer is an athlete. The company has everything in stock for anybody who engages in any type of sporting activity. Even if you engage in the most explosive sports to an ordinary lunchtime workout, Nike has something in stock for you. When you visit their online store, you would get the best of wears. Their products are good for both core sports and fashion wears.

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About the Company

Their success story started back in 1964, when Bill Bowerman, a track coach at Oregon University began to sell at Japanese sportswear at any athletic meets. From selling from the back of his car, he graduated into selling his own brand. He named his own brand Nike, which was derived from Greek word God of Victory.

The first sneaker produced by the company was unique. It was believed that it was formulated using a waffle iron. The company now deploys superior technology in formulating their brands, in addition to utilizing the best materials available in the industry.