Tory Burch is an astute businesswoman and a revered fashion designer. Her latest collection includes a range of chic designer clothing, stylish accessories and luxurious shoes and handbags. Tory’s high-end fashion range consists of sweaters, denim clothing, tunics, skirts and dresses made from the finest materials. Her fashionable shoe collection consists of sneakers, boots, flats, heels and wedges.

The Tory Burch Collection includes numerous trendy designer bags. The American designer has created clutches, mini-bags, totes and cross-body bags to co-ordinate with her designer outfits. Her stylish range of accessories includes sunglasses, gloves, belts, scarves and hats. You are sure to get the finest beauty items and accessories from the reputable company.

Tory Burch – The Designer

Tory is a renowned fashion innovator. She has been in the fashion industry for a decade and her ready-to-wear collections have taken the world by storm. Recent clothing collections include one piece bathing suits, white lace dresses and leather skirts. Shortly after graduating from the University of Pennsylvania, Tory decided to embark on an art history degree. She didn’t want to study art or sculpture, Tory made it clear that she wanted to study fashion. However, after working in public relations and marketing for prominent designers Ralph Lauren and Vera Wang, in 2004, Tory opened her flagship Manhattan boutique.

A mere twelve months later, Tory was invited to appear on the Oprah Winfrey Show, where she was hailed as an asset to the world of fashion. Today, Tory owns in excess of one hundred boutiques worldwide; the inspirational fashion designer has outlets in Rome, San Paulo and Taipei. Daniel Romualdez, respected architect and interior designer was responsible for designing each of her stylish boutiques. Tory has worked tirelessly to build relationships with like-minded businesspeople, hence today; she sells Estee Lauder Fragrances, Luxottica Eyewear and numerous other beauty products.

How to Obtain Tory Burch Promo Code

Certain promotions are advertised on the Tory Burch homepage, so you should check the official website before making a purchase. This page advertises deals, Tory Burch coupon codes and other welcome perks, such as free shipping or 10% discount. Buyers should note that the Tory Burch discount codes vary according to site, so please take time to look for valid and applicable promo codes.