Not every company stands out for their business analysts and moguls. There are some exceptions to this and companies do improve their standards. Under Armour is one of the few companies to leave an impact on the Performance Apparel. They have increased the standards for the industry and is raising the standards for quality.

It does not matter what sport you play or any other type of physical activity Under Armour can bring out your best. There are a number of clothing and accessories available for both men and woman that will improve your game.

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About the Under Armour Company

This company was founded back in 1996 by Keven Plank who played football for Maryland. The envisioned a simple t-shirt but made with high tech fabrics. This fabric would have to remove sweat and other moisture that rests on the skin. He believed that this technology could help regulate body temperature and help the athlete remain dry. This would improve performance. That is how Under Armour was started.

The first team sale from this company happened at the end of 1996. Kevin moved the operation from his grandmother’s basement to Baltimore. After seeing some success these companies develop 5 product lines from the same fabric that was used. There are three main advantages to this special fabric:

  1. Wick moisture will keep the skin dry.
  2. Body temperature is regulated and sweat is removed from the body. This will allow the skin to breathe.
  3. The material is light and comfortable.

The Under Armour headquarters is in Baltimore, Maryland and they are the leading manufacture of performance apparel, footwear, and athletic accessories. They have lines for men, women, and even youth. The clothing will make a person comfortable even in extreme temperatures when playing sports.

There are other offices throughout the world including offices in Holland, Toronto, Hong Kong, Canada, Indonesia, London, and in the city of Denver.

Under Armour Products


Athlete that train outdoors in cooler temperatures and the winter need to keep warm. Losing heat and getting cold can affect performance , cause discomfort, and put the athlete at risk for injury. UA ColdGear was able to fix this problem. The athlete will remain warm without sweating.

Au ColdGear has a line of inter clothing and accessories for men, women, and children. They clothing is layered to keep the body insulated while removing extra heat and extra moisture. The body will be able to keep a core temperature allowing a person to be comfortable and perform better at their sport.

Under Armour HeatGear

This clothing is made to be worn while exercising in temperatures that are hot. This is great for playing activities in warm weather including soccer, baseball, and exercising outdoors. This gear is usually tight fitting and will hug the body in order to pull away the perspiration. This material has a light feel and does not have tags or seems that can irritate the body. A person can have increase flexibility and mobility. This is also anti-odor technology. It will help a person stay fresh and dry in hot weather.

Under Armour AllSeason Gear

This line is designed to keep athletes and sports fans comfortable when playing outdoors. This line is great for all weather conditions. These products are breathable and will wicks sweat away from the body. This gear is great for temperature between 55 degrees and 75dgeress.

This clothing line not only benefits athletes and those playing sports but are good for the everyday person. It is good for people doing daily activities from walking the dog to running errands. They come in many different sizes, colors, and can fit any man or woman.

Under Armour Accessories

There are a number of new products and anything that an athlete can want. There are a number of different backpacks, socks, gloves, hats, sandals, boots, eye protection, footballs, and many other items. All these products are stylish, easy to use, and very comfortable. Do not forget to use the Under Armour coupon code to save money.

Shopping Tips for Under Armour

  • Go online and check out the wide selection of products.
  • Look for coupons before making a purchase .Gift cards can be purchase online and can be combined with other coupons.
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  • If the order total more than $49 a person will get free shipping and free two day shipping for orders total above $149.